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If you have been arrested for DWI in Yadkin County, you need an experienced and successful DWI attorney. We have successfully defended DWI charges for more than 22 years.

Important Questions to Consider When Charged with a DWI

“My License was seized by the police – Is my license suspended? Do I have to wait a 30-day period in order to drive? Am I eligible for a pre-trial driving privilege? Can I drive to my place of work? Can I drop my kids off at school? If I’m convicted, will I lose the right to drive for a year?”

These are some of the questions we are asked by DWI clients. Considering that every case is different, you will need the right information based on the facts of your case.

Was I Legally Stopped by Law Enforcement?

MAYBE. The legal standard required by a police officer when stopping a car is known as “Reasonable and Articulable Suspicion.” The officer must be able to clearly describe traffic violations observed OR some other driver behavior that supports the stop. A police officer cannot initiate a traffic stop without a valid and legal reason.

Was I Legally Arrested for DWI?

MAYBE. A police officer must establish “Probable Cause” (or “PC”) before arresting a driver. Probable Cause is established by roadside sobriety test results and observations of the driver’s mannerisms and behavior before, during and sometimes after the DWI investigation. PC is usually contested at trial. A judge must conclude that Probable Cause existed at the time of arrest, or the case will be dismissed.

An experienced DWI lawyer will evaluate each DWI stop and determine if the legal standards are supported by competent evidence.



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Yadkin County, NC Courthouse

The Yadkin County Courthouse is located in Yadkinville, NC on 101 S State Street.

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