We protect your rights. When your freedoms and future hinge on the outcome of a state or federal trial — when experience matters in the criminal defense representation you need — one North Carolina law firm stands out.

Beechler Tomberlin, PLLC aggressively protects your rights from start to finish, arrest to arraignment, trial to verdict, probation, parole and beyond.

Ethical. Experienced. Dedicated.

There is a good chance that you are calling us because you have heard about Chris Beechler’s well-deserved reputation as an outstanding criminal defense lawyer.

Our attorneys have experience in multiple types of white-collar crime including fraud in its various forms, bribery, insider trading, drug-related crime, embezzlement, forgery, tax evasion, and money laundering.

If you have been arrested — or contacted by federal or state law enforcement agents requesting a meeting with you — do not give statements or cooperate in any way until you have a chance to speak with us. Your future may be in jeopardy.  Call us today.

What Happens When You Call Us?

What Happens in a Criminal Case? Each case is different, but here is what happens when you contact us.

First, we will listen to you. We care about your side of the story. More than just occasionally, we learn very important facts from our clients during the initial meeting. Everything you tell us in these meetings is confidential and, by law, we will not share anything you trust with us. This initial consultation, via phone or in person, is absolutely free.

Second, once we understand your side of the story, we reach out to the police or the agents involved to hear their side and their arguments. We can report back to you quickly and then revisit your case to discuss our strategy.

Third, we discuss our strategy. Often, cases present numerous options. We sit down with you and assess what you need to do. What is the evidence against you? How far is the investigation? Will you likely be indicted? Are you seen as a center figure in the case or thought to be a conspirator? What criminal statutes are involved? Depending on these and many other factors, our experienced trial team will inform you about the likely outcome of the case under each of your options.

Our team of attorneys work hard to safeguard your interests when you have been arrested on charges such as a/an:

  • Serious felony — armed robbery, fraud and white collar crimes
  • Misdemeanor — shoplifting, marijuana possession, underage drinking
  • DWI or traffic violation — drunk driving, driving while license revoked, speeding
  • Sex offense — Internet sex crimes, child pornography, lewd behavior
  • Drug offense — drug possession, drug sale and distribution, drug manufacturing
  • Federal charge — drug trafficking, weapons violations, extortion, embezzlement
  • College student crime — involving drugs, sex, DWI and juvenile crimes
  • Assault — simple assault, aggravated assault, assault on a female, domestic violence
  • Theft — retail theft, identity theft, robbery and burglary

Facing criminal charges is never easy.

There is uncertainty about what will happen to you, your family and your future if convicted of criminal charges. If you are facing criminal charges in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina, you can remove that uncertainty by securing experienced and skilled legal counsel that will can give you confidence and understanding about the criminal investigation or charges you are facing.

We offer experienced and skilled representation against all state and federal criminal charges. We understand how to mount a solid defense and how to minimize the impact of the charges that you are facing.

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